Awesome Gaming Video: Warzone: Getting Some Kills (Call of Duty) by Digital Viking

Being a gaming content creator often comes down to flexibility. The more adaptable you are as a YouTuber, the higher the chances of finding success. Digital Viking is a YouTube channel that recently showcased just that precise ability. It has been around for more than two years, mainly focusing on genres like horror, strategies, action, and RPGs. But then, 10 months ago, just at the right time, the channel and the content creator behind it added another game to the mix - Call of Duty: Warzone! Now, the gamer behind Digital Viking is playing with friends this massive global hit and clearly growing his channel because of it. Check out Digital Viking and his crew in action in his latest video:

As you can immediately tell, he creates dynamic, fun, but also very chill videos, which is a perfect blend for Warzone. Besides, he continues to play things like ARMA, the Metro 2033 series, Total War titles, and other things as well. Thanks to that, he is already in the striking distance of reaching 600 subs. The 1k milestone will come quickly after that as well.

If you're into cool FPS content with additional games thrown in the mix, follow this interesting and flexible creator on Facebook and Minds. Before you do, however, help him grow his Digital Viking YouTube channel by subscribing there as well!