Awesome Gaming Video: Endorphins - A COD: Modern Warfare Montage by DanielMTv

An excellent gaming video is not just a simple collection of specific moments from a particular video game. Instead, it is about using these moments to create something much bigger and a lot more engaging. This is not easy, but we can all recognize it when we see it. In the case of this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare montage from the DanielMTv YouTube channel, you can see precisely one such video. Check out the entire clip right here to see a truly amazing piece of gaming content creation:

As you can tell, a lot of time and effort went into making this 4-minute montage. First of all, it includes a selection of stunning moves from this CoD title, including multiple kills in quick succession. But, the video goes a lot further than that, offering a perfectly-chosen soundtrack (which is Endorphins (feat. Alex Clare) [Remixes] - EP). This tune and its beats drive the whole video home. With that dynamic atmosphere and almost hypnotic pacing, the video becomes something you just can't take your eyes from.

This is by no means an accident. The gamer and content creator behind the channel is clearly dedicated to his craft, both as a player and someone making videos from the Call of Duty series. While his channel is relatively new, the content he provides is beyond fresh. I'm sure that pretty soon we'll be able to find other great Call of Duty content - DanielMTv clearly has the chops for it.

Presently, you can find the same creator on his channel's Instagram and his personal Instagram as well. So, if you're a fan of Call of Duty, be sure to check out both of these. However, first and foremost, subscribe to his DanielMTv YouTube channel and see the new excellent montages and other cool videos first!