Awesome Gaming Video: Bag Boy πŸŽ’ (Fortnite Montage) | Highlights #5 | WinFN by WinFN

How many incredible gaming moments can you please in just one minute and 13 seconds? If you think "not that many'' you never watched a video from the WinFN YouTube channel. In this video of Fortnite amazing kills, the gamer and content creator behind this channel really does a fantastic feat. In less than 80 seconds this video montage showcases a range of stunning moves, along with the excellent John Wick skin the same player is using. Check out the entire video right here:

Clearly, a video like this demands a lot of skill both in the game and in the editing process. However, Win, the gamer from Thailand who makes them and runs the channel has more than enough talent to make incredible videos.

His channel is very much new, being that he began working on it only a month ago. But, it already shows a lot of promise, especially for all Fornite fans and players. Win is obviously a veteran player, so his exploits in the game promise to be a lot of further exciting videos.

If you're into Fortnite and especially if you enjoy incredible, high-octane gaming videos, WinFN YouTube channel is a place you should subscribe to right now. Also, follow him on Instagram. That way, you can watch some amazing content and also support an amazing content creator on his YouTube journey!