Gaming Crowdfunding: Jitsu Squad™ - 2D Brawler Action!

It's always great to see crowdfunding projects from the inside game development domain that present a clear and well-defined concept. In the case of the Jitsu Squad, that concept is a purebred brawler title. This game is being developed by the Tanuki Creative Studio. They are a small indie game studio from the Netherlands, but also a team that has huge ambitions. This is visible from the moment you lay your eyes on the Jitsu Squad.

The first thing people will notice is the incredible graphics. The game world of the brawler is full of color and amazingly designed characters and enemies. The influence of Japanese culture and comic books is more than visible, but also it is defined in a way that is unique and engaging. This shows that the developers did not go for the cookie-cutter approach of generic anime style, but took the time and effort to define their own visual identity.

Along with a manga-retro vibe, the game also seems like something that is already exceedingly polished, offering crisp animations and smooth gameplay. This is true even when total pandemonium takes place on the screen and the battles are well and truly on. Aside from this, the music and sound design of the game also seem spot-on for this genre. They too have a strong sense of the golden age of brawlers in the 1990s, giving the game an even bigger appeal.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, the game is designed so that it can be played with up to four different players in co-op mode. However, there's one last piece of information that is essential to this crowdfunding project - Jitsu Squad is already available as a playable demo on! That is remarkable to see, as most indie studios have very little to show in terms of progress when they start their crowdfunding campaign. Jitsu Squad, on the other hand, managed to advance far in its development cycle, which is why Kickstarter labels the game as one of the Project We Love.

If you're a fan of brawlers, you simply must check out Jitsu Squad and support them on Kickstarter. That includes either pitching in some money or sharing the word about this campaign. Also, find out more about the studio on their Twitter, Facebook fan page, and Instagram accounts. Do that as soon as you can because Jitsu Squad deserves to see the light of day as an awesome, finished game!