Cure Commando - Exciting Mobile Arcade Game


As we all know from the previous period, some of the biggest heroes among us are those who can heal people and stop illnesses from spreading. Precisely this is the main subject of the Cure Commando, a new mobile title from Utah Tech Labs. This game puts the player at the head of a special unit that is tasked with combating a mysterious illness in a major city.

In this game, the same city faces an existential crisis when a purple cloud appears in the midst of its citizens. When that happens, people start getting sick with the Purple Fever. Only the players as the Cure Commando can stand in its way and make sure that the city is saved.
To do that, players have a range of options. These include taking charge of their workers, masking everyone, spotting and curing the sick individuals, and cleaning infected locations. Also, the game includes a strategic element as well, which comes in the form of upgrading the hospital center to offer a more effective means of curing everyone and stopping the Purple Fever. That blends greatly with the fact that the city has four districts, all offering different and unique challenges that can be unlocked.

Apart from the interesting game mechanics, one of the most appealing parts of the game is its amazing graphics. The game includes a full 3D rendered environment of the city with its numerous locations like parks and other spots. At the same time, the home hospital base of Cure Commando looks incredible as well. This, with excellently designed UI elements like menus and on-screen buttons, make playing Cure Commando a real joy.

There is no doubt that this title offers a very engaging setup that will be interesting to all fans of casual gaming. If you want to try your hand at stopping the Purple Fever once and for all, try out Cure Commando for free on Google Play right now!