Awesome Twitch Stream: MrMiyagiX


Great gaming content usually comes either from diverse games or from very entertaining gamers. In the case of MrMiyagiX Twitch stream, gaming fans can find both of these in one package! Run by Mr. Miyagi, this stream features a mixture of very diverse games, all of which are provided by an incredibly fun to watch content creator.

He models himself on the classic character from the Karate Kid movie series and believes he can be your sensei of gaming. If you decide to follow him, you also decide to embark on a journey of greatness, young grasshopper. Besides, you also stand a chance of winning some amazing gear on regular giveaways as well! Check out on Mr. Miyagi in action right there:

As you can see, he is an incredibly friendly, fun and outgoing streamer who likes to involve his viewers and sub into his gameplay or even play directly with them. Because of this, his stream is an open and welcoming place for all true gamers who want to make new friends.

In terms of content, Mr. Miyagi mixes a range of games, including those played on completely different platforms. He is a Call of Duty: Warzone competitive player, who is also among the top 50 gamers in Zombies Call of Duty. So, he clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to FPS titles. However, he also plays a lot of VR games like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Pavlov VR, just to name a few. This mixture of platforms and genres makes his stream very interesting to so many different types of games, which is seen in his 4,500 followers on Twitch.

Finally, Mr. Miyagi also runs some incredible giveaways as well. In them, he gives out prizes like the Astro A50 headset, Playstation 5, Xbox Series S and other incredibly valuable and cool stuff. The next giveaway will be on February 15th 1:30 pm (GMT-5), which would be an amazing moment to try your luck there as well.

If this sounds like something you want to explore, young grasshopper, follow Mr. Miyagi on Instagram, TikTok, and Discord. Before you do that, put down your waxing cloths and follow Mr. Miyagi on Twitch right now!