Awesome Twitch Stream: linearc

The gamer and content creator from the linearc Twitch stream goes by many names. She is known as Linear C, Linear Cannon, Linear-Chan, and even Line Arc. However, behind all of them is a very engaging and friendly content creator who has a deep-rooted love of gaming from her earliest childhood. Even the nickname comes from her middle school days when she played Evolution: World of Sacred Device on Dreamcast.

Back then, she became fascinated with one character from the game in particular. It is clear that neither this nor her fascination with gaming did not leave her many years later. That is why she is today an up-and-coming streamer with plenty to offer to the gaming community. Check out her recent stream of Resident Evil 2 from a few days ago to see her content creation style in action:

As you can see, Linear C is extremely chill and very knowledgeable about the game she plays. In terms of games, her main interests are RPGs and horror survival titles. However, she is also open to party titles, adventure games, retro releases, and many other things she finds interesting. That is great to see - in the modern age, more and more streamers decide to have a laser-sharp focus. Because of that, it is more than refreshing to see someone be open to many different titles and genres.

If you're into these genres and you'd like to know more about this cool streamer, check her out on Twitter and her Discord server. Before you do, however, don't forget to visit her linearc Twitch stream and follow her over there right now!