Awesome Gaming Video: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review - Episode 1 by xXMRKooLKiDXx

Rarely will you find a gamer and content creator with such a perfectly chosen nickname as that of Gabriel from the xXMRKooLKiDXx YouTube channel. It’s enough to watch just a few minutes of Gabriel’s new video and you’ll immediately see that he is beyond cool. With a chilled and very leveled approach, Gabriel takes on Super Smash Bros Ultimate in his review. The resulting video is incredibly detailed and well-researched, but also super-relaxed and entertaining to watch. Check out the entire video right here.
As you can see, Gabriel is a lifelong gamer and also a very talented content creator. Besides Super Smash Bros, he’s into Heroes of the Storm and other titles as well. Along with his content creation, he’s a father of two daughters, which makes his drive to create content even more impressive.

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