Awesome Gaming Video: PUNCH LINE (Valorant Montage) by Warp

How much incredible gaming moments can fit in 70 seconds? You're probably thinking that it's not that much, but that is only because you haven't seen this incredible Valorant montage from the Warp YouTube channel. But, the good news is that you can amend that mistake right now, right here:
The video, even though short, is crammed with incredible moments from this multiplayer FPS title. It features kills with all manner of weapons and moments that will be beyond exciting not just to all players of Valoran, but anyone who is into first-person shooters. Of course, it is no surprise that this content creator is also an excellent gamer. So far, Warp managed to rack in over $10,000 in esports earnings. Those are by no means rookie numbers. What’s even better, Warp is only getting started with content creation.

Besides YouTube, the same gamer and content creator is also making headway on Twitch with over 700 followers. If you're into Valorant and its esports competitive side, you need to start following Warp on Twitter. More importantly, subscribe to his Warp YouTube channel right now!