Awesome Gaming Video: Escape From Tarkov - Dust Clear by WaynesGotGames

The nature of gaming content creation is that too often, very high-quality videos and even entire channels go under the radar. That even includes more niche games where, at least in theory, the community should be more mindful of any hub of solid content. In the case of the WaynesGotGames YouTube channel, the same moment of discovery needs to happen in the Escape from Tarkov player community. This gamer and content creator behind this channel has been playing the game for some time and producing videos from it for more than three years. To see his work, just check out his recent compilation of Escape from Tarkov firefights in Factory. Watch the entire thrilling video right here:

As you can see, this content creator has the skills to make some incredible kills in fast succession, but also to create a very entertaining video. It is especially impressive to see the use of the song in the video, which is Stann Smith's Dust Clear. Thanks to it, the entire video has a strong vibe to it that simply makes you want to pick up this game immediately after.

Besides gameplay compilations, the WaynesGotGames channel also features Escape from Tarkov guides and weapon modding clips. As for other games, titles like Days After Dead, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, Insurgency, Rust, Battlefield, PUBG, and Fortnite are also present. Clearly, FPS titles vibe great with WaynesGotGames and the video content shows the same in a very entertaining manner.

However, there is no doubt that Escape From Tarkov is where the channel places its focus and why anyone who is even slightly into this game should take notices. So, if you're a fan of one of the best realistic shooter games on the market right now, subscribe to the WaynesGotGames YouTube channel right now!