Revolution Runner - New and Exciting Endless Mobile Game

Creating an endless game often seems like an easy prospect. After all, this process includes defining a gameplay mechanic and allowing it to simply run its course for as long as the player can sustain it. However, making that same core loop fun for the players is a completely different story. Here, game developers have to have the skill and the intuition to figure out what works and what doesn't for their audience. From there, they can distill the best approach to actually crafting a fun title.

That is precisely what Sympl, an indie game developer, managed to do with the Revolution Runner endless game. This title is all about simplicity - in the game, the players are tasked with a simple task, which is to watch a single red ball fall through a tunnel. While it does, they need to collect all of the coins and blue cones they can. At the same time, they need to avoid other objects like orange cubes.

As anyone can see, the gameplay process has a hypnotic quality behind it that just pushes you to play further. That is the essence of any good endless game and Revolution Runner definitely has it. At the same time, its author shared its base source code on GitHub, which is also a great move for the wider indie game development community. With that code, anyone can make their own version of a similar endless setup and this community thrives thanks to decisions like that.

If you would like to find more about the developer of Revolution Runner, check out this page, but also Google Play dev page, Discord, and YouTube channel. Before you do, however, visit the game's Google Play and pages. There, you can enjoy this great endless game completely free!