Resident Evil Village promises Creepy Weird Sexiness All-Around!

The first trailer from the new Resident Evil game is here! It showcases some in-game cinematic moments, along with gameplay, and unsurprisingly, people are excited, often quite literally. The Capcom game will present Ethan Winters as its main protagonist and he's looking for his kidnapped child.

To rescue her, Ethan must traverse a haunted village and reach a castle. Therte, Lady Dimitrescu and her dauthers reside - spoiler alert, all of them are vampires, waiting (or proactivelly working) for some blood. All of them are not hard on the eyes, as it turns out. Check out the cool trailer right here:

The video also shows that there will be a lot of offensive and defensive options in the game. Ethan will have access to weapons including a range of firearms - pistols, rifles, and shotguns, just to name a few. Besides, he will also have the ability to defend himself from melee attacks. A similar mechanic was already presented in Resident Evil 7.  

Resident Evil Village should get its worldwide launch on May 7, 2021, covering all of the major platforms. These will include PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X as well.