Rackword - The Ideal Mobile Multiplayer Word Game

Scrabble and word games have an incredibly long tradition and a huge fan base. Today, with the rise of mobile and multiplayer gaming, that fact has not changed, mainly thanks to great games like Rackword. This mobile app captures the essence of this wonderful genre and delivers a perfect gaming result. Check out a Let's Play video of the same title in action!

It is clear that the game uses the well-established gameplay of using letters to create words. However, it comes with a range of advantages and cool features. First of all, the game offers a real-time competitive environment where the players can register for free or access the game as guests. The gameplay itself is fast and fun-packed, with a turn lasting between 30 and 120 seconds. The multiplayer can include up to 4 players, along with a team game that includes a 2-vs-2 setup. In the game, players will have access to a range of game boards that they can enjoy.

Of course, the game comes with a strong competitive angle. Every player will have access to detailed stats about their progression and their current ranking. The same competitive spirit also includes a strong and growing community, which is why the app includes a native chat protocol to get in touch with other Rackword players.

Thanks to all of this, it is easy to see the level of appeal that Rackword has for all players of word games. If you're one of them, get the game right now for free on Google Play and join the amazing Rackword community!