Fantasy Sports Battle of Champions for Basketball Competition by Project TradeX!

Project TradeX is kicking off a new and exciting fantasy sports event that all fans of basketball and NBA, in particular, will love. Besides a dynamic competition where users will be able to show off their fantasy sports abilities, there will be some amazing prizes as well! The competition is supported by Dash Next, which is also great news! Here is how the entire setup works.

First the competitors should create an account in TradexSports App. Anyone can do that by visiting or downloading the app directly from here. Then, competitors should fund their TradeXsports Wallet with a minimum amount of 5000 $TXH on the app. It will serve as their entry into the competition. Each competition will have 1000 participants and Winner’s ranking will be declared based on the points earned. 24 hours before the Match, every eligible participant will be given links to fill up with an option to select on which team they want to bet, select their top 3 players, and one captain from that team. The winner’s ranking will be decided based on the points earned by the players selected by the competitor. Captain’s points will be calculated by 2X. Finally, Dash users/Participants will receive 10% additional $TXH and also get an additional one player who will get them 1.5x points.

As for the rules, each contest is played based on fantasy sports betting rules where winners are declared at each end of matches. On match day, participants will be able to watch/view scores on Prizes offered by this competition are beyond generous. The whole prize pool will be $10,000, with the first place getting $5,000, the second $2500, and third $1250. Competitors ranked between 4th and 13th place will get $125 each, but prizes may change depending on the number of total participants.

If you’re into fantasy sports, this is something you have to check out, so download the app directly or visit its official website. You can see the rules and contest guidelines on this site and find more info about the project here. Also, don’t forget to find out more about Project TradeX on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, YouTube, and LinkedIn!