Beyond The Waterfalls - Exciting New Multiplayer Shooter


There's no lack of big AAA multiplayer releases in recent times, especially when it comes to the shooter genre. At the same time, it is rare to see indie developers try their hand in this genre, much less manage to successfully pull it off. Yet, this is exactly what AA5K studio managed to do with their game Beyond The Waterfalls.

This release is a competitive shooter that faces players against each other in a very special realm. In the game, they are trapped between a series of waterfalls, each dividing two drastically different environments. Here, very dynamic matches can take place, as fast-paced action unravels in this interesting segmented world.

Presently, the game offers multiplayer modes like deathmatch and free-for-all. Also, the characters that the game offers have a range of different abilities, like jet packs or speed boosts, all of which can be useful once the combat begins.

Currently, the game is available to be added to your Steam wishlist. It should be out on February 25, 2021, so if you're a fan of the genre, keep track of the Beyond The Waterfalls development on its official website as well!