Awesome YouTube Video: The Dumbest Glitch In Minecraft (fly) by Winstandaman

The Winstandaman YouTube channel is a relatively new project, but still, one that will be instantly clear to anyone who comes across it. The reason for this is the fact that the channel and its creator have a laser-sharp focus - the game of Minecraft. The gamer and content creator behind Winstandaman is all about this incredible and versatile game, mainly BedWars on Minecraft Java Edition. Right now, you can see his approach and content creation style in his latest video, which is about the (arguably) greatest glitch In Minecraft - flying. Check out the entire clip right here:

As you can see, the approach Winstandaman takes is one that perfectly combines his sense of humor, relaxed personality, and in-depth knowledge of Minecraft and these mods. In this particular video, the glitch shown will not only work in BedWars but anywhere else in the game. All the while, the things that impressed me the most were Winstandaman's willingness to credit his brother KingOfNoobs with finding the glitches, but also to set out a disclaimer at the very start of the clip.

In this disclaimer, he asks his viewers, even though the flying glitch is clearly beyond useful in many different domains in Minecraft, not to abuse it. This shows a level of appreciation of the game as well as personal integrity that is becoming more and more of a rarity in the world of gaming content creation. In the case of Winstandaman, even access to a bombshell of a glitch like this did not make him take the dark path and give players something many would most assuredly abuse beyond all measure.

So, if you're a true fan of Minecraft, you need to subscribe to Winstandaman right now on his YouTube channel. Not only do you stand to learn and be entertained by this true gamer, but also get on the ground floor of what is going to be a massively popular channel in the near future when it comes to the Minecraft and BedWars communities.