Awesome YouTube Video: Dawn of Man Archery | EP 7 | Dawn of Man Gameplay Series | Continental Dawn by BTrippen

Too often in the modern gaming content creation arena, people will solely focus on a single thing. That could be a genre, a series, or even a single game. When they do, there is a sense that their entire life becomes about that one thing as well. However, for the man behind the BTrippen YouTube channel, the same is nowhere near correct. His name is Bodein and he's an Australian gamer and content creator.

However, he is also so much more than just that - he's an entrepreneur who works part-time in retail. In his personal life, he's also a partner and a father! So, with all of these things going on with Boiden, it is no wonder that he makes very interesting gaming content. Check out his latest episode where he explores the Dawn of Man strategy game.
This is a complex title full of micromanagement, which is very demanding to master as well. However, Bodein does a great job both showcasing the game's intricate details and making it very fun to watch. Also, his approach is very mellow and friendly, which is another reason why his community of fans and viewers is bound to grow even faster in the coming period.

Here, it is also helpful that he is a variety gamer, who prefers competitive titles, but also adventures, survival, simulations, and RPGs. This is a very diverse list of genres and right now you can see him play very diverse games like Conan: Exiles, Overwatch, The Legend of Zelda, Grounded, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Skyrim, and so much more. Throughout all of this, he showcases his unique approach that always shines through.

There is no doubt that Bodein's streaming and content creator career is just starting. To support him on this journey, follow him on Twitter and Instagram, but also join his Discord server. Before you do, head on out to his YouTube channel and Twitch stream and start following him there as well!