Awesome YouTube Channel: Kids Luv Gaming

In the modern world of gaming, with its huge AAA releases and millions of adult gamers, we often tend to forget how many of us entered this domain. For most - if not all - that happened when we were just kids, looking to have some fun. Kids Luv Gaming is a new YouTube channel that is focusing on precisely this, as it features a father and son team who explore mainly gaming apps. To see this tandem take on some classic mobile gaming, check out their review of Crossy Road right here:

As you can see, this dad, who is a gaming novice, and his young son Joey, who is likely a future gaming superstar, take on this ageless title with a lot of great humor. They clearly have fun while they do these videos, which is the whole point of a channel like this. It is great that they can entertain others, but the fact that they can have some quality father & son time is what counts the most.

From a technical perspective, the videos they do are excellent. They offer clean gameplay clips, along with something many mobile gaming content creators struggle with - the clear and crisp sound of their audio commentary. This shows that the duo goes to great lengths to make sure their videos are on par with any other content creators out there. While the channel is very new, it already has a lot of content, including numerous .io games like,, and, but also now-legendary titles like Subway Surfers. More cool gaming content is inbound in the coming days and weeks.

If you're a gamer and a parent, or you simply enjoy these games and mobile casual gaming in general, you will very much enjoy watching Joey and his dad take on new titles. So, head on over to Kids Luv Gaming and subscribe to the channel right now!