Awesome Gaming Video: SO SOWY! Warzone - Modern Warfare Call of duty by Nite Ryder


Gaming, in its essence, should be all about having fun. Too often, however, people get caught up in competitiveness and the pressure of gaming, especially when it comes to online multiplayer games. Fortunately, channels like Nite Ryder and the young gamer behind it show that this does not have to be the case. This channel is run by Ryder, who is only eight years old - he and his dad love to play Call of Duty games and the result is gaming content that is a sheer joy to watch. Check out one of Ryder's latest videos from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right here:

As you can see, Ryder and his dad not only play really well but also clearly have a ton of fun. Because of that, anyone can also get a sense that even games like the Call of Duty titles can be amazing family-friendly activities anyone can enjoy.

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