Awesome Gaming Video: Ready for the NEW Meta in WARZONE? | SAIYAN FUNTAGE by The Raaditz


People get into gaming content creation for a huge range of reasons. However, in the case of Bryce, the gamer behind the Raaditz YouTube channel, that motivation is more than noble - with his efforts, he's hoping to provide a better life for his daughter. That is one serious reason to get into content making, but at the same time, the same doesn't mean that Bryce creates somber or dull videos. Instead, he makes incredibly dynamic and fun to watch content, focusing mainly on the Call of Duty series. To see him in action, check out one of this latest videos from Call of Duty: Warzone right here:
As you can see, Bryce is beyond entertaining and anyone who loves high-octane CoD action will love his videos. At the same time, he already had a lot of success nearly a decade ago on YouTube, and you can see that he is more than willing to work on getting there again with this channel.

So, if you love funny and entertaining gaming content creators, follow Bryce on Instagram for all the latest news on his venture. Before you do, subscribe to his Raaditz YouTube channel and let the world know there's a FPS gamer they need to check out as well!