Awesome Gaming Video: Impossible Ports: Final Fantasy VII On PC by Bransfield

The concept of a video game documentary is a relatively new phenomenon, which is itself set in a new medium of digital video games. That is why it is hard to define what constitutes a good documentary in this domain. However, if you're a gamer, once you come across one of those, you'll know it. In the case of the Impossible Ports: Final Fantasy VII On PC video on the Bransfield YouTube channel, you can see the perfect example of this notion.

The video, which showcases how Final Fantasy VII was ported to the PC Windows platfrom and the hellscape that included, is a brilliant example of video gaming history. Yet, it is also condensed into a deep dive which explores one incredible tale of development (against all odds and rules of sanity). Check out the entire mini-documentary right here:

The video, like the rest of the content on the Bransfield channel, is made by Ian, who isn't Ian Bransfield, or at least, that is not his actual surname. What is sure, however, is that Ian is a great creator of gaming-related content and that more than 14,000 subs are not there by accident. He's mainly focused on retro gaming, but you can see a range of content on his channel, including things like these small documentary videos. Immediately, you can tell that he takes producing these more than seriously, adding a lot of factual information and clearly doing tons of research to make it.

However, what is most impressive to me is the obvious level of affection he has both for his content and the games he features. That is a product of what must be a life-long love for all things gaming and it shines through. If you’re a fan of obscure gaming facts and retro games, you need to follow Ian on his website and Facebook fan page. Before you get into that, watch this masterpiece on FFVII port and subscribe to the Bransfield YouTube channel immediately after!