Awesome Gaming Video: 700 SUBSCRIBER BED WARS MONTAGE TYSM!!!! by GameWind

It's no secret that many fans of BedWars love to watch montage videos of their favorite Minecraft mods. While there are many examples of great BedWard montage work, one new video from the GameWind YouTube channel really stands apart. This clip is called 700 SUBSCRIBER BED WARS MONTAGE TYSM!!!! and it is hands down one at the top of the best of 2020 montage fiend when it comes to this mode. Check out the entire video right here:

It is easy to see why the clip is becoming very popular, very fast. It features a selection of amazing footage and BedWards best clips anyone can find. It also comes with an excellent soundtrack which gives the clip a whole new dynamic level. Because of that, any ranked BedWars montage best of 2020 list will surely include this video as well!

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