Win $100 witn Eli Blonde - Latina Action Hero mobile game!

There's no doubt that the Dave Del Castillo Games development team likes to do things on a huge level. This approach is best seen in their latest release, Eli Blonde - Latina Action Hero. This platformer title, which is available as both free-to-play and premium no-add app on Google Play and the App Store is a part of the wider Eli Blonde gaming series. It features Eli as the main character and offers an all-fun and completely non-violent setup.

In the game, the main character has to stop the chaos in Little Havana Miami that a bunch of mischievous monkeys on the loose is creating. The adventures of Eli Blonde are also very female gaming-friendly, which is important for further inclusion of gaming groups that are still underrepresented on the global stage.

Right now, the studio is focusing on the recent Eli Blonde - Latina Action Hero and they're doing it with an amazing contest. Players can now pay $100 if they manage to finish the first Level in under three minutes. They have to manage it on the first attempt and with unlimited lives but do it under 180 seconds. If you're a skilled platformer player, now is your time to shine - see all of the competition details on the official tweet opening this competition.

But, besides it, Dave Del Castillo Games are planning new games from this series very soon. The first new game should be out on December 23, 2020. This is Super Sport Racers - Eli Blonde 3D. Check out how it should look like in action right here:

As you can see, the game presents a dynamic racing environment with a lot of chances for character choice and customization. That too should appeal to all fans of casual gaming who will easily get into the entire Eli Blonde series.

If you're interested in all that you see, try your hand at playing the first level of Eli Blonde - Latina Action Hero and see if you can win $100. Even if you don't, you'll be able to try out a really amazing and inclusive new mobile gaming series!