Trackmaster - Procedurally Generated Indie Racing Game is out on Steam!

After many years of very little development in this genre, the domain of unconventional racing games is presently more vibrant than ever. A perfect example is Master Technologies' Trackmaster, a new indie game that is getting its official Steam release today! This title has a simple twist but also one that will likely blow away all fans of racing games that do not follow the beaten track (pun intended).

In Trackmaster, the game's engine produces brand new racing tracks for every single competition. This is done through the process of procedural generation. With it, the game automatically builds and sets race tracks using random but interconnected elements that slowly make up the whole track. On the same track, the procedural generation script places obstacles and different boosts and power-ups. It is the role of the players to first figure out the track and then find ways to reach the end line before anyone else.

But that is not all that Trackmaster offers. The racing courses also include moving elements and elaborate water physics which the players will have to master with their vehicles. Lastly, there is an entire set of meteorological conditions that impact the game and the player's ability to traverse its tracks.

On the technical side, the game provides great graphics with detailed vehicle models and an engaging and versatile environment. Regardless of the procedurally generated tracks, all of them look very bright, colorful, and appealing, which will be something that both core and casual racing fans will enjoy.

Thanks to all of this, anyone who loves racing will now have the ability to challenge their friends in a completely new and exciting way. If you're among them, check out the game on its website and Discord server, or simply get in on its official Trackmaster Steam page right now!