Take the Throne - Free-for-all battle royale of chaos and carnage!

TopVR is an indie game development company cooking up a big project. While many independent developers try to limit the scope and ambitions of their games, this team is doing the exact opposite with this title. Take the Throne is a battle royale title that allows up to 30 players to simultaneously enter matches of pure fun chaos and comical carnage! Here, they fight on a free-for-all basis for the chance to get to the throne and be crowned winner before anyone else. Check out the official trailer for the game to see it in action:

As you can see, the game includes a lot of PvP encounters, but also a range of environmental obstacles and problems that the players will face in the levels themselves. That makes it a nice blend of titles like Fall Guys and combat-based games, which can work amazingly for anyone who is into casual competitive games. Also, the visual style of the game perfectly blends with that concept, offering simple yet engaging player models, but also a diverse level design. That covers a range of inventive traps and obstacles as well.

Presently, the game is in its Beta phase and it is looking for players. Follow its development on the official website, subscribe to its YouTube channel, and check out the game's Steam page which is already up and running. To get a key and enter the comical mayhem, join the game's Discord server and start your fight in the Take the Throne dynamic, dangerous, and fun matches.