Lands of Kehliel - Upcoming MMORPG with an amazing strategy focus

Lands of Kehliel is an MMORPG title that is currently preparing its pre-Kickstarter campaign. The same game provides a unique twist to the well-known and developed field of MMO role-playing games. This is mainly seen in the fact that the game wants to avoid the boring and tedious grinding for the player's character leveling. Instead, it will offer a very interesting and novel way of setting up big PvP battles, where a sense of competition and the development of personal skills will play the main role. At the same time, the meta element of the game, like having one's house and a plot of land, but also upgrading the player's gear and other stuff will also be part of the game.

In the story of Lands of Kehliel, the players will set off on a journey of liberation, where they will be facing other players and their guilds, as they fight to save the world from The Creator and the evil creatures that were unleashed on the lands. The story will likely be instantly appealing to all fans of the classic fantasy environment.

In-game, the players will have access to a wide array of activities. These will include a range of player classes, quests they can commence, a dedicated Night and Day cycle as well as gathering or resources and crafting of items. Shops and trading will be present, but so will be transported to a range of unique areas that the game will showcase.

The social component will allow players to gather into guilds, but also teams when it comes to things like competitive questing or PvP. The combat system will also have a PvE element and should be mainly based on a dynamic but versatile hack n' slash approach.

All this shows an incredibly developed and rich game world that will be a treasure trove to all RPG fans. Follow the game on its Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. To get even better connected with its creators, join its Discord server. Lastly, don’t forget to check the official Lands of Kehliel website and sign up for the latest news from the game, especially its upcoming Kickstarter campaign!