Galaxy Justic Space - Exciting Top-Down Down Shooter all Retro Fans will Love!

The genre of arcade top-down games is one of the oldest and most celebrated fields in the video game industry. That did not come about by accident. This domain produced hits like Galaxian, Asteroids, and many other titles that are today the absolute gold standard of game development. But, while the golden days produced their hits, the development of top-down shooters, especially those sent in outer space, continues today. That is why new and exciting games that follow this tradition appear all of the time and recently, one title just like that is promising loads of fun for all fans of the genre. That game is Galaxy Justic Space on Google Play and it will be very familiar and immediately beloved by all players from this genre.

The game was made by Champa Game Studio, a development team with a lot of exciting titles already on the Android market. Thanks to their experience, this game seems to be a future hit as well. The story of the game is simple and engaging - you command a lone fighter who needs to defend his home planet from an alien invasion. To do that, you have your faithful space fighter spacecraft, but also a load of boosters that can make you more lethal.

As soon as you start playing Galaxy Justice Space, you'll see just how exciting and addictive the game is. This free game offers a range of levels and also an endless mode as well, for those who like to overcome their previous best scores. Importantly, the game functions in online mode as well, which many players will appreciate as well. In terms of graphics, the game presents a very familiar retro gaming environment with numerous enemies and a lot of chances to blast them to smithereens. Also, the individual design of all ships, player's and enemy's is excellent and offers the best blend of modern and classic graphics. That too allows the game to truly grow on you as you begin to play it.

Throughout all of this, the gameplay mechanics also remain steadily familiar and engaging. As you play, you become better at the game, which beckons you to play more. So, if you're a fan of arcade games and especially top-down space shooters, try out Galaxy Justic Space for free right now and begin your new favorite mobile game!