Awesome Gaming Videos: CS:GO montages by Not Found YouTube Channel

Years come and go, but the popularity of truly excellent games remains. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one such game and to this day, the same title is still captivating millions of players and gaming content fans in equal measure. Among these is also Not Found YouTube channel, which is run by a South Korean content creator and gamer that is a true fan of all things connected to this great FPS multiplayer shooter.

While the channel might be relatively new, the content it provides is very polished and beyond engaging. To see why, check out not one but three videos from Not Found. First, here is a CS:GO NF montage that offers some incredible in-game moments:

From there on, continue to this video. It showcases some incredible sniping moments, all of them edited and presented in the best way possible, along with some handgun kills that are there to spice things up. Watch the whole video right here:
Lastly, check out the third video which presents an overall variety montage of all imaginable CS:GO kills. The video showcases the moment when the channel reached 100 subs. The same number is both well-deserved, but also should be much bigger.
If you're also a fan of CS:GO, this channel is simply something you have to get on board with. So, follow the same content creator on his Facebook profile, but before you do, head over to Not Found YouTube channel and subscribe for more amazing Counter-Strike videos that are inbound in the upcoming weeks and months!