Awesome Gaming Video: VR Boxing With REAL BOXING GLOVES (Thrill of the Fight) by Missile Lermer


The best gaming videos are usually clips that come out and offer a completely unexpected and unique perspective. This video on the Missile Lermer YouTube channel is a perfect example of that. In the clip, this gamer and content creator plays Thrill of the Fight VR game, but uses real boxing gloves to add a whole new level of immersion to the same experience. The idea is simple enough, it offers a new way of enjoying VR boxing games. Check out the entire video here:
The trick is to set the VR controllers into the gloves, where they remain throughout the match without any problem or difficulty. With nothing more than that, anyone can now find a pair of real boxing gloves and experience VR gaming on a whole new level, all thanks to Missile Lermer.

If you're interested in VR games, but also many other cool videos, ranging from metal headbanging to music mashups, DeepFake clips, gaming how-to videos and so much other cool stuff, check out the Missile Lermer YouTube channel. I'm certain this is not the last really cool video that'll come out from this interesting content creator.