Awesome Gaming Video: SHREDDING The New Applewood Park Map! | Skater XL Update 1.1 on PS4 Console by Lil Dubzz

The first thing you'll probably notice when you check out the Lil Dubzz YouTube channel is the sense of humor that Nicholas has. He is the gamer and content creator behind the channel and he managed to combine two awesome things that you rarely see together: a great sense of humor combined with a really friendly and chill personality. Often, the funny content creators are usually a bit too much in terms of their extrovert personality, while those who are a bit more low key end up early being truly fun and engaging. In the case of Lil Dubzz, there's no such problem. As the intro card shows, this channel is, according to Nicholas, brought to you by:

- mango white claws
- depression
- trichotillomania
- & suffering

Writing something like should be the first sign that this man can make a joke or two. The same applies to gaming videos as well, as you can see in his recent clip of the Skater XL. Check out the full video right here:

Besides this title, he is into making vlogs, sharing VR gaming, and doing all manner of cinematographic content. He already has a lot of varied content and it fits in together perfectly. That is why he's one of those content creators that can really pull off a range of completely different videos and have them in the same place.

Currently, he's going for those 1,000 subs so follow his journey on his Instagram account. Before you do, however, go to the Lil Dubzz YouTube channel, enjoy his humor and content, but also add your sub to that growing count of fans!