Awesome Gaming Video: *New* The Best gun setup in Codm! by Related Bear Gaming 🐻⚔

RB Gaming or Related Bear Gaming YouTube channel does not only come with a really cool name. Instead, this channel comes with some excellent and in-depth information that will be more than useful for numerous gamers. The content creator behind the channel is a Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG gamer who is focused on sharing his insight into these titles. The recent video perfectly showcases this. It's a piece on the best gun setup in Call of Duty Mobile and you can watch it in its entirety right here:

In the opening of the video, he explains which gun he's using and why - in this case, the ICR-1 - offering also a few minutes of intense minutes of matches where we can see the same weapon in action. At the end of the video, he showcases the same weapon in great detail, covering every choice he made, like deciding not to use a stock or the presence of an OWC Marksman barrel.

Clearly, the video is insanely useful for not just anyone who uses ICR-1, but also all CoDM players who are looking to change their weapons setup. The rest of the content on the channel is just as useful, even though the channel itself is relatively new. Besides tips and tricks videos, there are clips featuring insane COD Mobile action and so much additional interesting stuff. All of it is presented by the same friendly and chilled personal style that this content creator uses.

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG, you have to check out these videos and get some entertainment and valuable information in one package. To do that, head on over to the RB Gaming YouTube channel and give it a sub as soon as you can!