Awesome Gaming Video: I got what I deserved... [Among Us] by Zack Watson

Whatever you do, you need to find your sense of rhythm in that process. For Zackary, that rhythm is already there, both literally and symbolically. This gaming content creator is also a drummer and a drumming teacher, so in his case, there's a lot of actual rhythm in his everyday work. The same applies to the content he produces. Besides gaming, Zackary is also working on artistic collaboration, audio and music production, and video editing. While all of this might sound like too much stuff, it all blends perfectly into his YouTube channel and Twitch stream.

To see what I mean, check out his new video series, Game of the Week, where he picks a well-known (or less well known) title that he didn't play before. Then, he showcases the same game in his own unique style. In this video, he covers the super-popular Among US:

When it comes to gaming, this 24-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia has his favorites. These include Minecraft, Old School Runescape, and Morrowind series. However, as the Among US video shows, Zackary is more than able to cover other genres and titles as well. At the same time, he's also constantly uploading new drumming and music material, mixing it all into a singular and unified content of things he's passionate about. Throughout all of this, his unique perspective flows strongly as well, making seemingly unconnected things still feel like a part of one entity that is Zack.

Presently, he's doing 4 or 5 live streams per week, along with one or two video projects in the same period. This includes drum streams on Mondays, Game of the Week on Tuesdays, YouTube uploads on Thursdays and weekends for the Main Game Series. This is a pretty packed timeline, but Zack is sticking to it, which is another hallmark of future success.

If you like the sound of Zackary's content, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and his Streamlabs profile. Before you do that, find a place for his YouTube channel and Twitch stream in your daily rhythm and follow him there as well!