Awesome Gaming Video: THE CALL OF DUTY GAME CHAT EXPERIENCE #1 by Tenyjah

Playing video games online is often a great opportunity to have some deep and meaningful conversations. However, at other times, the complete opposite happens and it still ends up being incredibly entertaining. This video from the Tenyjah YouTube channel demonstrates the same idea perfectly. In this range of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War there are a number of goofball conversations and rage-fueled fights that are simply hilarious. Check out the entire video right here:

From high-brow topics of when it is OK to have sox in an intimate situation to huge levels of all kinds of toxicity, all of it can be found in this video. Furthermore, the clip includes awesome whimsical musical soundtracks and meme edits to further enforce the sheer level of unintentional comedy that comes from the right people coming together in CoD matches.

However, there is a lot more where that came from when you check out the rest of the channel. Its main focus in FPS and shooter games, so I'm betting this is not the last excellent clip we'll get from the Tenyjah channel, especially when it comes to these interesting mixes of comedy editing and weirdly toxic situations from multiplayer shooter games.

If that is something that you also appreciate, you need to watch this embedded video. Once you do, don't forget to head on over to the Tenyjah YouTube channel and give it your sub as soon as you can!