Arcante - A first-person title that'll take you to the golden days of old-school role-playing games

There is no shortage of indie RPG releases. But, in this case, the inspiration for Arcante came from the iconic titles from the genre of party-based RPG titles. That is why the same game quickly stands out from other such independent titles and provides a level of engagement and immersion that is rarely seen in the indie dev community.

In the game, the players will come across five different character classes, followed by 20 unique abilities. The players can also access 15 unique weapon types, as well as thousands of cosmetic color combinations that provide the players a chance to give the character a personal touch.

However, the domain where Arcante really shines is the party mechanics in the game. Here, the players will be able to manage their party, train individual members, buy equipment, and get the best loot. The same parties are then allowed to take on many enemies, which includes an interesting dynamic combat system. This system allows for both fast styles of play for those who like to rush, but also a more measured and tactical approach for the more cautious players.

If you're a fan of classic RPG games, Arcante is simply something you cannot miss out on. Get the game on Steam and so that you can also immerse yourself in this indie game of role-playing titles!