1D Chess - Brilliant Mobile Gaming Spin on the Oldest Strategy Game!

There's no need to underline the relevance of chess in the world of game design and video game development as a whole. However, it is often overlooked just how many excellent games chess inspired as well. One of the most recent examples is 1D Chess from the Lost Our Box development team.

This Android game provides a spin on the concept and rules of chess that is both simple and ingenious. The key twist that it provides is the fact that it takes a 2D chess board, with its X and Y coordinates, and cuts one of them out. The result is a single dimension chess that is played with the same figures and slightly different rules for their movement.
That comes from having the board as a single line, but not a place where the players take on the game in some sort of linear tug-of-war. Instead, the line of the board meanders in a snake-like pattern, offering additional opportunities for movement and attack, especially from pieces like Knight, Queen, or Bishop. From this simple setup, the result comes in its full glory once the players begin their first match.

With two different perspectives, most might need a bit of time to oriente themselves. But, once they do, they will get au insight into an amazing competitive game. Players can take on a range of AI opponents, but also seek out other human players to challenge on their 1D boards. Add to this further game modes and even a local multiplayer option and you get a really engaging gaming app.

If you're a fan of chess and innovative but simple games, you have to check out 1D Chess. Best of all, you can try it out for completely free on Google Play right now!