ZooQ: Animal Explorer is available on Google Play for Android Devices!

A few months back, Awesome Android Game featured ZooQ: Animal Explorer. This engaging gaming and education hybrid app from Egowall Apps hit the iOS market when it appeared on the App Store. Unsurprisingly, the app has an amazing run with a perfect 5.0-star rating. Clearly, everyone who tried it was more than astonished by it.

Now, this great 3D puzzle game that allows anyone to learn about animals and their habitats is also available on Google Play. This means that anyone who wants to have fun while they find out great information about a range of animals will soon find their new favorite gaming app.

The list of features of the game is just as impressive on Google Play as it is on the App Store. These include ten fully 3D-rendered habitats, 25 collectible avatars, and nearly 60 animals to discover, all of which are also in full 3D. These come through just as many revelation animal puzzles and 200 additional polygonal puzzles. Lastly, the game offers 260 colorable challenges and a range of fun facts about the animals that can be easily learned by both young and older players.

Thanks to all of this, having ZooQ: Animal Explorer on Google Play, ready for Android devices, is great news for all who love animals, but also enjoy relaxing and educational gaming apps.