Purgatory - The Game - Upcoming Title featuring an Escape from the Afterlife

There's a very somber story behind Purgatory - The Game. It features a young boy who finds himself trapped in Purgatory, not knowing how he ended up there. From that terrible predicament, he has only one course of action, which is to try to escape.

This survival horror game is presently under development and has just begun building its newsletter. However, the vision for the game is clear: it will be an untypical title with less emphasis on combat and more focus on solving things like obstacles and traps on each level, mainly through skill and quick reactions. As the levels are successfully conquered, the players will also get the story behind the descent of their character to Purgatory.

Presently, the game already has some haunting images that represent its concept art. More of these will come as the game enters production. If you're interested in learning more, start following the game on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Before any of that, visit its official website and sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop about Purgatory - The Game!