Legend Blaster - New Dynamic Android Platformer you have to Try Out!

A casual arcade game first and foremost has to look great. Luckily, it's enough to give Legend Blaster by Wzfhkm Games one look to see that it has precisely that. From the vibrant colors to the great art style of player characters, enemies, and environments, the game comes with an excellent cartoon graphics approach that will be appealing to both kids and grownups.

This title came out in late October 2020 and already it is certainly among the top of the offer of new casual platformers. In the game, the players take on a character (there is a selection of different ones to choose from) and with it, need to cover demanding levels with obstacles and enemies. Fortunately, they have their blaster but can also use boosts like vehicles and many other things as well. In essence, the game plays very similarly to the classic of the genre like the SuperMario series and many other legendary games.

Similar to the gameplay and visual style, the same attention to detail is seen in the game's UI and the wider player experience. That makes learning the game a quick process, but you'd still need hours to master it. Fortunately, many arcade players will relish the chance to do just that once they start playing it. If you're also a fan of casual arcade and platformer games, you have to check out this title for sure. Download Legend Blaster on Google Play right now and enjoy this really fun and dynamic platformer for free!