Greed Knights - Content-Rich and In-Depth Indie RPG

Making an indie RPG is by no means an easy task. However, in the case of Greed Knights, the same task was completed perfectly by no other than a one-man developer team. This game places its players in the role of a lone knight who needs to overcome numerous obstacles and fight his way through legions of enemies. To help in that, he has loads of abilities, skills, gear, and other elements he can use. Check out Greed Knights in action right here:

With its well-developed XP system and flawless automatic combat, the game works great in its entirety. Furthermore, as an indie RPG, it provides a huge amount of content. It appears to have enough challenges and regions to provide for days of gameplay. That comes along with some excellent metagame elements and plenty of content for all fans of independent RPG games to enjoy. Together, all of this makes Greed Knight a must-try for all fans of independent RPG titles.