Eggs Catcher VR - Amazing Indie Virtual Reality Game


There are many classic gaming concepts that withstood the test of time. One of these is the setup of catching eggs before they break. Now, the same concept is going into full virtual reality thanks to Eggs Catcher VR! This title is a reimagining of the excellent classic title. In the game, the players will get the well-known challenge - they have to catch as many eggs as they can using a basket. The same basked, when full, goes on a conveyor belt and the players grab another one, all the while as the eggs keep coming. As they do this, the players receive points for each successfully caught egg and of course, the entire process takes place in a full VR environment.

Of course, this produces an incredibly engaging challenge for all fans of streamlined virtual reality gaming. With a fitness mode, anyone can burn some calories as they chase every catch, especially because of the rising level of difficulty. Along with the core setup, Eggs Catcher VR offers a range of novelty elements, like green bonus eggs, as well as the exploding red ones that are to be avoided. 
These make up for a diverse gaming experience where the players have to stay on a constant lookout as they play. Also, the game comes with a VrGal bunny that provides both commentary and support for the player actions. With a full voice-over and real-time reaction to in-game events, VrGal bunny will be an amazing addition to any game the players take on.

As for the wider VR environment, the graphics are of a high quality and impressive design. They even offer a slight reminder of classic cartoon characters like Foghorn Leghorn and movies like Chicken Run, mainly the design of the coops and the elaborate system of sending out and storing eggs. The game also provides a great UI that will be ideally suited even for the most novel players and VR users. That also makes the game a great option for parties and similar shared gaming experiences.

If you’re a fan of VR gaming and you love straightforward and fun games, you need to check out Eggs Cacher VR right now. To do so, check out the game’s official website, its Facebook fan page, and get the game for free on Steam to start collecting your own eggs with the help of your very own VrGal bunny!