Awesome Twitch Stream: Simoshee

Horror gaming might not be as big as some other genres, but it has many very passionate and dedicated fans. One of them is without any doubt Simoshee, a gamer and streamer from Denver who is building a really cool community on Twitch for all those who are into horror in all of its shape and forms. To check out her work, watch this stream of Dead by Daylight she recently did on Twitch:

As you can see, Simoshee is a natural content creator, ideally suited for content like horror. This is due first and foremost for her clearly lifelong interest in this genre, but also a great sense of humor which shows she doesn't take herself too seriously. This is a huge deal for me, especially because so many streamers today end up being endlessly self-centered. Simoshee doesn't have that problem, which is why she offers an open atmosphere, inviting anyone interested in the things she loves to join her.

Furthermore, Simoshee is personally exceedingly friendly and very interested in getting connected with her viewers and fans. She also loves to get a chance to play with them. In this regard, her Discord server is the perfect spot for anyone interested in joining her growing community.

Right now, Simoshee is focusing on Dead by Daylight streams, but her strong interest in all things horror makes her open for other titles as well. These include Phasmophobia, the amazing creepy adventure Little Nightmares, and Desolate. However, Simoshee is more than able to step out of this genre as well and try her hand at streaming some Apex Legends or Among Us, for example.

If you're also a fan of Dead by Daylight, but horror in general, follow this talented streamer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Before you do, however, head on to Simoshee Twitch stream right now and give her one spooky follow as soon as you can!