Awesome Gaming Video: YOU WILL USE THE TRIPLE TAKE MORE AFTER YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO - Apex Legends Season 6 Gameplay by TheRealJsg

The moment you start watching this Apex Legends video, you'll immediately see the sheer amount of positive energy that its creator has. This is TheRealJsg, a gamer and YouTuber who's only recently begun creating content, but already has some incredible videos to show for it. Check out this one where TheRealJsg presents the incredible power of the Triple Take sniper rifle:

As you can see, TheRealJsg is a master with the same weapon in any environment. From long-range kills to some crippling cracking of armor on multiple targets in quick succession and all the way to even making very close takedowns, Triple Take can do it all in his hands. 
The rest of his channel is also fully dedicated to Apex Legends and his skill at not just making great content but also presenting some exceptional ideas and possibilities for anyone who is looking to get better in this battle royale game. All of the videos come with his positivity and friendly content creation style, which is another big plus.

I'm sure that this is only the start of TheRealJsg career as content creation. So, if you're a fan of Apex Legends, follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Before you do that, make sure to subscribe to his TheRealJsg YouTube channel at this very moment!