Awesome Gaming Video: Normal Day In Brawlhalla Ranked LMAO by VoidKz

Brawlhalla is an excellent fighting title that sadly rarely gets the attention it deserves. Luckily, there are gamers and content creators who are ready and willing to change this! VoidKz is one of them and in this video, he shows that Brawlhalla can be mixed and edited in a way that showcases an amazingly entertaining video. It features meme inserts, funny sound effects and so much more, along with awesome fighting action! Just check out the entire clip of ranked matches right here:

Overall, you can immediately see that VoidKz has both the talent and the gaming skills to make a great piece of content. Besides, he also has an interesting personal life, as this animated video about how he learned to play the drums perfectly shows. Soon, however, this gamer and content creator from Thailand will move onto his next big project: Cyberpunk 2077! I'm certain that thanks to his skills, this huge gaming release will be presented in the best and most engaging way possible.

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