Awesome Gaming Video: 'MOOD'' Modern Warfare Snipe Montage by QsQc Doodle

The person behind the QsQc Doodle YouTube channel is a gamer, content creator, and video editor called Doodle. His present focus is one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games around - Call of Duty: Warzone. As a part of the "QsQc" clan in Quebec, Canada, it is no wonder that Doodle is a fantastic player. However, check out this montage video to see just how good of a content creator he is as well:

In the video, Doodle uses the Kar98k and the SP-R 208. In both cases, the level of success is nearly surgical, with amazing kills on all imaginable distances, including close-quarter combat. Along with that, the video has an excellently chosen soundtrack and plenty of timed visuals that all blend into a perfect Warzone montage.

Besides Warzone, the channel features awesome clips from League of Legends and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Right now, QsQc Doodle is all about Call of Duty: Warzone, and clearly, the channel is just getting started when it comes to this FPS multiplayer game.

If you're a fan of Warzone and you also appreciate some excellent content creation skills, follow Doodle on Instagram. Before you do, subscribe to the QsQc Doodle YouTube channel right now and help it crack 1k subs - Doodle more than deserves it!