Awesome Gaming Video: MONTAGE #3 LEMONADE🍋 by Shaziii FN

A cool Fortnite montage video needs to have several things going for it. Those need to include awesome game moves and incredible kills, great editing and a soundtrack to match. All of that is present in this montage video from Shaziii FN. This young gamer and content creator wants to go pro in Fortnite and this video shows that he has what it takes:

Clearly, he’s a talented player who puts a lot of work into his videos and these are, as of yet, very much underrated. In terms of his gaming of choice, Shaziii FN is into Fortnite, but also FIFA 21 and even some grooming tips, like this video on getting curly hair. This shows that he can take on both gaming content creation and vlogging with equal levels of success.

While this young content creator is just starting out, he is definitely showing a lot of promise. If you'd like to support him on his upcoming adventure, follow him on Twitch and TikTok and subscribe to his Shaziii FN YouTube channel right now - all of this will make his day!