Awesome Gaming Video: MELT EVERYTHING WITH ONE CLIP | The Division 2: PVP Build & Gameplay by Kamikazevondoom

While some gaming content creators chose to cover a very wide domain when it comes to the topics they explore, others possess a laser focus. Kamikazevondoom is one such creator and in his case, the focus is solely on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. However, this does not mean that he's only doing gameplay videos of this title like many others. Instead, he is insanely experienced and knowledgeable about this release and possesses incredible amounts of information about the game's mechanism.

This is why saying that his insight into The Division 2 is impressive would be a gross understatement of reality. To get a glimpse into his content, check out a video right here, which showcases a Ridgeway build for The Division 2 players-vs-player mode. The same build can allow anyone to take out anyone else using a single clip. Watch the entire video right here:

Obviously, Kamikazevondoom can give a masterclass in this game. But, the great fact about this content creator is that he is already doing just that. On the channel, this Boston-based gamer showcases many different elements about the game that can be super-helpful for anyone playing Division 2. His videos so far cover things like armor setups, critical damage tutorials, how-to clips, exploits of glitches, weapon overviews and so much more. All of that is covered in great detail and using a very precise and no-BS approach Kamikazevondoom uses.

The same fits perfectly with the idea of this content creator with his desire to keep the channel completely free of any toxicity. Instead, it is a place where fans of the game can congregate to watch some great videos and also learn how to improve their own game. In an age where more and more content creators are embracing aggressive and polarizing streaming styles, having one like this is a huge refreshment. With nearly 21,000 subscribers, many other gaming fans clearly agree with this.

If you'd like to learn more about Kamikazevondoom, follow him on his Twitch stream, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook. Lastly, don't forget to join many other players and fans of Division 2 and subscribe to his Kamikazevondoom YouTube channel right now!