Awesome Gaming Video: Final Fantasy 9 by Mighty Ravendark

Everyone enjoys video games in their unique and distinctive manner. However, some people do it in a manner that makes them ideal content creators and streamers, simply because their passion and interest come off as incredibly entertaining for others. Mighty Ravendark YouTube channel is one such place. To see why I think this, just check out the review of Final Fantasy 9 that was recently published there:

You can immediately tell that Mighty Ravendark, the gamer, content creator, and game dev behind the channel, possesses a deep and lifelong appreciation of video games. His focus is mainly retro gaming and he plans to post one video every two weeks. However, he also covered titles like the upcoming GhostRunner or Dragon Ball FigtherZ.

Throughout all of this, he maintains a really cool and mellow approach, which is also supplemented by decades of gaming experience. That makes him ideal for anyone who's not into loud, showy, but shallow approaches so many other content creators take.

If you'd like to know more about him, follow him on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and join his Discord server. Before any of that, enjoy his review of Final Fantasy 9 and subscribe to the Mighty Ravendark YouTube channel as well!