Awesome Gaming Video: COD Kill Montage MV by Feening4plums

If you'd want to find a gamer who lives and breathes Call of Duty, you wouldn't have to look further than Feening4plums. This YouTube and Twitch creator is a person who calls himself a "crazy, COD-playing psychopath" and does he mean it! In this case, the same means a ton of amazing videos and streams, mainly from Call of Duty: Warzone. Just check out this Feening4plums montage of awesome Warzone kills:

As you can see, this content creator has both the video-making skills and the gaming chops to make an exceedingly entertaining video. In under three minutes, he features everything from close quarter takedowns to gulag kills and even insanely long-range sniping.

All of this is complemented by a cool sense of humor and that essential ability not to take himself too seriously. In the day and age where many gamers believe they are golden gods (and act like that), it's refreshing to see someone who is relaxed about the whole deal, even when he rages a bit, but also is a very skilled player at the same time.

He is also a member of the Plum Crew, which means that he's more than open to meeting other cool people who're also into gaming and especially things like Warzone. Presently, he's doing a really good job at it, being that he has over 6.4k followers on Twitch alone.

Catch Feening4plums on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 PM EST, but also follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Of course, don't forget to subscribe to his Feening4plums YouTube channel and follow him on Twitch as well right now for a lot of CoD insanity!