Awesome Gaming Video: ARMORY win, MONSTER gameplay, and MORE Screaming: IN SILENCE Gameplay (Funny Moments) by Dr InPhaRx

A lot of content creators aim to be funny and entertaining. However, while most clearly have fun while they play games, the same often does not translate to their viewers. Luckily for Dr InPhaRx YouTube channel and its fans, there's no such problem here. The reason for this lies in the content creator and author behind it.

This person is Jason and he's going to become a pharmacist in the near future. Yet, unlike his future serious profession, when it comes to gaming, Jason is hilarious. The same streams first and foremost from his infectious laughter as well as an ability to naturally react to a range of gaming situations. Check out his video of In Silence gameplay:

While this is a horror multiplayer title, Jason still makes it really funny to watch. The fact that he loves to laugh and make friends also shines through, even though he recently started his content creation adventure. Besides this title, Jason is also into Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver and World of Warcraft. I'm guessing additional titles will be incoming as well in his future videos and streams.

Because of his pharmacy school, his streaming schedule will see some changes. Right now, throughout November and December, his rotations are ~8 pm- 8 am PT Monday-Thursday.

If you're into genuinely funny gaming content creators, you need to get into the stuff Jason is making. To do that, start following him on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. First of all, put on some headphones and ready to get your funny bone ticked after you subscribe to the Dr InPhaRx YouTube channel right now!