Awesome Gaming Video: Apex Funny Moments by Bearded Hermit Gaming

The great thing about humor is the fact that you don't need a lot of it to know whether or not you like it. For me, the exact moment when I knew that Max, the man behind Bearded Hermit Gaming YouTube channel has what it takes is this line during an Apex Legends funny moment compilation.

"Ahhh, rez ("rez" as in resurrect) me, Daddy!"

But, this is just one of the hilarious moments you can find in this very short but very effective video. Check out the same clip in its entirety right here:

As you can see, there's plenty of stuff going on in these 180 seconds. From meme inserts to captions and the best of all - running commentary of this content creator and gamer, as well as his friends. If you're into Apex and humor, this will all be a jackpot for you.

When it comes to the entire channel, Max is just starting out, but clearly shows a lot of promise. He's been gaming since titles like Pokémon Blue and The Legend of Zelda, while now, he likes to play almost anything.

If you'd like to support him, follow the same creator on Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. Before you do, however, head on to the Bearded Hermit Gaming YouTube channel and give it your sub right now!